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Name: Pure Expanded Graphite Gaskets (ZT-G301)
Without reinforced metal inside. Standard grade: 99% pure exfoliated graphite. Widest temperature range. Very easy to cut, although large gaskets may need support carriage and fitting.
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Name: Graphite Gasket Reinforced Tanged Metal (ZT-G302)
Gaskets made by 98% pure exfoliated graphite reinforced a central layer of 0.2~0.25mm tinplate or 0.1~0.15mm mm thickness tanged stainless steel.The graphite is compressed without the use of adhesives
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Name: Graphite Gasket Reinforced With Metal Foil (ZT-G303)
The gasket is made from graphite as homogeneous, reinforced by metal foil. 98% pure exfoliated graphite compression with adhesives.
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Name: Graphite Gasket Reinforced Wire Mesh (ZT-G304)
A premium quality graphite jointing gaskets made by 98% pure exfoliated graphite.High quality grade made by 99.8% grade graphite is available for nuclear industry applications.The gasket is reinforced by metal foil inside.
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