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Series: Gaskets
Zinotak mainly produces kinds of the gaskets and packing ring ,which is used for exhaust system, valves, compressors, pumps, chemical equipment,, etc. After yeas of development ,our monthly production of the packing ring can be reached 100,000pcs which the main material is 99% graphite.
> Exhaust Joint Gaskets
> Muffler Gaskets
> Graphite Packing Rings
> Expanded Graphite Gaskets
> Spiral Wound Gaskets
> Metal Jacketed Gaskets
> Corrugated Gaskets
> Ring Joint Gaskets
> Non-asbestos Gaskets
> Asbestos Gaskets
> Rubber Gaskets
> PTFE Gaskets
> Tape Gaskets
Series: Compression Sheets
Zinotak mainly produce the kinds of the sheets which is made by advanced technology such as beater, laminate and composite to produce a variety of sheets .The major sheets includes graphite sheet, graphite composite sheet, non-asbestos beater sheet, non-asbestos rubber and so on.
> Flexbile Graphite Sheets
> Graphite Composite Sheets
> Non-asbestos Sheets
> Non-asbestos Composite Sheets
> Asbestos Sheets
> Asbestos Composite Sheests
Series: Braided Packings
Zinotak can supply all kinds of the braided packing, Now the package and label can be customized according to the customer demands. We make checks at all levels from raw material to productions which is good in quality and competitive in price
> Graphite Packing
> PTFE Packing
> Carbon Fiber Packing
> Kevlar Packing
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