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Name: Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape (ZT-G110)
100% Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape, Teflon Tape is a new marshmallow like product made of 100% PTFE, which is developed by using a highly specific treatment on the PTFE Fluorocarbon material. Its high tensile strength and flexible, bough properties allows no drawbacks found commonly in the traditional gasket materials. Economically forms and firmed easily under extreme severe corrosive conditions with superior chemical and heat resistance.
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Name: Corrugated Graphite Tape (ZT-G111)
Corrugated Graphite Tape-It cut from pure graphite roll by exact lathe, and then press it with corrugated profile by special calender. Style ZT-G111T is corrugated graphite tape with self-adhesive coating.With corrosion inhibitor, are also available on request.
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