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Name: Reinforced Non-asbestos Sheet With Tanged Metal (ZT-S301)
ZT-S301is made of non-asbestos beater sheet reinforced with tanged 0.2-0.25mm Carbon Steel. It is extensively applied in manufacturing various motor gaskets. It is a new material that will substitute asbestos products. The product has excellent performance in dilatability, sealing equality and long life etc., Mainly applied in automobile farming machine, motorcycle and engineering etc., it is also can be used in high strength gaskets and cylinder gaskets etc.
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Name: Reinforced Non-asbestos Sheet With Double Faced Metal (ZT-S302)
ZT-S302 is made by materials of three cascades. An non asbestos beater sheet is inserted into a convexo-plane metal frame, such as 0.18-0.25mm tinplate /carbon steel or 0.1-0.15mm 304ss /316ss. It is produced by specially pressing and sticking process. This kind of sheet is be seized of the characteristics such as good compressibility and resilience, small stress relaxation, fine compensation function for uneveness of sealing surfaces and long working life.
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