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Abnormity Graphite Packing Ring (ZT-G203)

Graphite packing ring with metal is pressed by pure graphite tape . In general ,a square cross-section can also be made,
If the customer required, we also can be made O-shaped,conical shaped and V-shaped. Conical shaped and V-shaped
is more suitable for high parts of seal

Performance and Features:

- The good wettability.
- Rebound coefficient
- Corrosion-resistant
- For high temperature

Main Applications:
- Expanded graphite sealing material having the characteristics, can withstand the temperature and pressure of strong
alternating, ideal for a variety of packing ring sealing element.
- Suitable for high temperature hot water, high pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, nitrogen, organic solvents,
hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids and other media for the various types of valves, compressors, pumps, chemical equipment,
instrumentation, anti-producing kettle tower packing .

The Main Technical Parameters:
Pressure: <= 25mpa
Temperature: oxid-environment:-200c ~ 550c; non-oxid environments: 2800c
Speed:2-10m / sPH value :0-14
Density :1.4-1 .7g/cm3

Main Forms:
Sub-incision and no incision in two forms. The sub-incision can be divided into straight incision and cut slanting mouth.|

Available Sizes:
Diameter: Ø3-1000mm, Diameter: Ø6-1100mm

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