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Reinforced Graphite Packing (ZT-P104)

Graphite packing reinforced with jacketed nickel wire&mesh is cross woven by expanded graphite.The covering
of ni metal alloy wire screen reinforces packing’s mechanical strength. Graphite packing has the protective
function for axles with its own advantages of self-lubricity, thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient,
universality, flexibility and high intensity, Besides it can also be reinforced by carbon fiber, 034\316L\copper
wire and inconel wire etc. And be made into combination packing.

Application Equipment
Applied to a wide range of equipment

Application Industry
Fossil oil, chemical industry, power plant, steel mill ,ect.

Application Medium:
Hot water, steams under high temperature and high pressure, heat conversion liquid, ammonia,
hydrogen,organic solves and low temperature liquids etc.

The Product Specification:
3x3mm—50x50mm; others can be produced according to client’s requirement

Technical Parameters:
Rotary pump: 50bar; valve:400bar
Working temperature: -220c ~ +650c
Velocity: 20m/s

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